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View global history of alerts from the web


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I know I can drill down into a particular device and click on the "history" button to see the status, but it would be very valuable to have a button/tab at the top of the portal to see a chronological history of all alerts.  Basically, the same information that I get by enabling email or push alerts.


This is very useful if there is a team member (tech) monitoring the portal via the web and they are troubleshooting a client problem and want to see if this is a one-time issue or has been ongoing. (Or to see if the device is "bouncing" by repeatedly going up and down, etc.)


I know the workaround is for them to run the app on their mobile device, but this would be helpful for a tech sitting at a "help desk".


It would be reasonable to have a circular log limited in storage size or time if there are limitations in the agent on doing this.  Although it would be better if this kind of log was maintained by the cloud-based server/portal and synchronized with agent status changes. (If the agent itself goes down, the log would clarify if the "down" is detected from the cloud or from the agent coming back "up", etc.)

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