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Bug report & Features Request


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Hi there,


Thank you for sending me my DOMOTZ Box so quickly. I've to say that, so far, you did a very fine job with your supervision solution. Still, after spending some time discovering the agent fonctions, i've encounter a bug when trying to control an ORVIBO S20 power socket. This bug appears in both the DIY Pi client and within the DOMOTZ Box Pro:


- When the socket is OFF and i try to power it ON: The socket do power up, but the agent display an error (Unable to toggle port 00 - The port didn't respond within the expected time). The socket's statut is not updated by the virtual switch button.


- When the socket is ON and i try to shut it down: The socket do not power down, and the same error message is displayed.

Also it will be nice to be able to disable the annoying confirmation popup (are you sure...?), since it seems very unlikely to activate the switch by mistake, regarding it's position in the menu (alone, under the 'config' panel).


Also, i would like to suggest some features for future updates:


- It will be nice to offer the possibility to customize the name of a custom connection created under the connect panel.


- Some http services, like the SONOS one, needs more than just the port number to be accessible (ex:1400/support/review). It will be a nice addition to allow such path.






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