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Will agent auto-detect changed network?

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If I pre-configure the box and activate the license by running it on my own lan and then send it to a client, will it auto-detect the new network and run, or will I need to do a physical install and license activation at the client's location for first-time setup.  (Not necessarily assuming clients could even plug-in Ethernet and power on their own, but would nice to know if pre-configuration is possible.)

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Pre-configuration is possible, and yes, the Agent running in the Box will auto-detect the changed network.


The only side-effect is that all the devices discovered the first time you pre-configure (let's say in your office) will remain as OffLine once you move in the new site (let's say your customer's house). Though you can delete them from the list (once they are offline). Moreover, in a few weeks, you will be allowed to remove all of the offline devices with one button.

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