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Agent's crash during auto-update


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I've received 3 alerts from the DOMOTZ Agent this morning:


Agent XXXX connection to the Internet lost, last seen at 2016 Oct 07 09:00 AM (CEST). 
Your system is not currently being monitored.


Agent XXXX connection to the Internet WENT UP at 2016 Oct 07 09:10 AM (CEST). 
Monitoring of your system has resumed.


Agent XXXX connection to the Internet lost, last seen at 2016 Oct 07 09:10 AM (CEST). 
Your system is not currently being monitored.


So, i logged into the web interface to know what's going on. There was a popup there saying that the Agent is currently being updated. I've waited for 45mn to let the Agent do it's thing, but the same message was repeated again and again. I finally had to power off then restart the Agent in order to make it work again. By chance, this Agent was located at my office, but i can't not help thinking of the consequences if it has been installed at one of my customers places. I mean, the whole concept is to prevent us from visiting our customers just to restart some piece of hardware, no? 

What i'd like to know is if that kind of disappointment will happened with every update. Also, i'd like to know where i can find the software version of my Agent in the dashboard.





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The auto-update feature is required to guarantee compatibility between the central service and the agent behavior. We can't block this feature. However, supposed you install a Domotz Box at your customer site, we do guarantee remote support through a provisioning channel in case of agent blocking in a situation like this (rare to happen).


The version of the agent is available in the Portal (https://portal.domotz.com) under the License tab.

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Hi there,


I was leaving DOMOTZ on hold for a month or so, waiting for a new software version to come out and hopefully resolve some of the bugs already reported, including the one regarding auto-update. Alas, it doesn't seems to be the case:


- No matter how many time i perform a hard reboot on the unit, i'm stuck with v1.1.7. I shouldn't even have to reboot manually, and that's the main reason i've buy a DOMOTZ Pro box, but even by doing this, it just doesn't want to update.


- After hard rebooting the unit, i see an "Update in Progress" message connecting to the agent's interface. After that, i've been asked to log on, then to resume the agent. By doing so, i received a message saying that the agent is scanning, and that it should be available in 30s. Few second later, i'm back at the logon screen, and when i do log again, the update message is back. Back to the starting point, keeps doing this in circle.


By the way, the fact that's we can't refresh a page in your portal (the licence one for exemple) without being kick out of your server and having to log one again is more than annoying. Seems to me that when consulting the DOMOTZ statut, locally or though your portal, i've to enter my user name and password again, and again, and again... Cookies anyone?


Waiting for your solution



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Hi Dgeils,


sorry for the late reply on this. According with our logs, your single Agent is running correctly under the latest version of the Agent available (1.3.1). Please, do not hesitate to write down to support(at)domotz.com for further assistance.


Best Regards,


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