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Cisco SG200 Configuration


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I've been having issues with getting all the information to show up on a Cisco SG200-26P. Right now it currently shows the port information at that the switch is POE but it doesn't show the POE per port. Also it does not give me the ability to assign the ports to a device or change the port names. Is there settings in the SG200 that I'm missing?



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The only think I can think of is that the RW community of your switch is not the one Domotz is expecting.

PoE management requires SNMP enabled with following community strings: read community set to public, and read/write community set to private.


Please could you check? Please also note that the very first discovery may require few hours before everything appears (but only the first time no worry).

If still problems, I'd suggest contacting support at domotz.


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