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Unable to open multiple agents in multiple web windows


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I am trying to administer two different agents.  I have opened two browser windows, and in each window, I log in to the portal and then select an agent.


In window "A" I have selected agent "A" and continue using the web portal.

In windows "B" I have selected agent "B" and continue using the web portal.


As I browser around in window "A", after some time (periodic update time?), window "B" automatically switches over and starts showing me the web app for agent "A".  So Now, instead of having two agents side-by-side in two web windows, I have two side-by-side web views showing me the same agent.


After more experimentation, I have found a "workaround" - I can open each agent window using a different browser - e.g. one agent with Safari and the other agent with Chrome.  This not ideal, but works for now.

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it's a known limitation that stands only for windows opened with the same account (for example you can have two portal sessions with two different users). It's in our backlog, that as you can imagine is pretty busy right now.


Thank you for suggesting the weird workaround. I hope you're enjoying the product in any case.

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