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UNIFI Hardware


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Hi all,


As Silvio mentioned we do support Ubiquiti Unifi PoE switches. The support consists of 
1) automatic port mapping

2) toggling poe ports

3) poe power consumption


Also keep in mind that we need the SNMP communities for the switch to be matching the ones under the devices' info tab --> SNMPv2 fields.


If you have any additional questions or experience any problems with these devices please write to support@domotz.com so that we can investigate further any potential problems.



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Hi there

For UniFi what are the steps to get these integrated properly with Domotz?

Im talking:

UAP boosters

POE Switches

USG router


Your step above - is that necessary on all UniFi products using their controller?

Could you elaborate on it





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Hi James,


Currently we only support Unifi PoE Switches and some of their PDUs but no no routers or boosters, yet. The next thing we plan on supporting for Ubiquiti is their ToughSwitch series and their Access Points and controllers.


Regarding your other question you do need to have the matching SNMP communities on the PoE switches in order for us to monitor them accordingly. For the PDUs you don't need SNMP.


Also basic monitoring of network interfaces is available for all SNMP enabled devices (with matching communities again) so you may still be able to see the ether-like interfaces and a snapshot of their upload/download speed if you have the correct communities for reading set on the Domotz app.




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Ubnt Edge Switches have been supported for sometime now. (I have not used UnIF--k in a while.)


I have to ask you UniF--k installers... since the whole thing (UniF--k) is already server required/based... why/what would you control it with Domotz? The devices are MEANT to send info to their servers, and look for "Update Now" constantly.  Any change and the reprovision. Reboot a unit, and it tries to reprovision.


So if you "did something" direct to the device... the next check in with the server would trigger a reprovison... wouldn't it?

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