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Speed Test Inacurate


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I have 3 sites, and all 3 show some crazy upload numbers.  Is there a known issue with speed test results?  I'm using a mixture of the Box (Site 1), QNAP agent (Site 2) and Pi (Site 3).  All are on version 1.2.2.  Site 1's connection is 75/15, the other two 50/5.  Screenshots below:


Site 1



Site 2



Site 3


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Yeah seeing the same thing.. I have a 75/10 connection.  So ok sometimes I can see upward of 90 on the down, and up almost always hits 12.. But see 420mbps??


Only been running couple of days.. See how it works out over the long haul..  But how do you delete these obvious clearly no correct numbers.  not behind any sort of proxy or anything that could account for such numbers..  The download seems ok, bit low if anything from what other speed tests show.


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Yeah I'm having the same issues..  At times it produces the speed that I achieve on other sites ranging from 265-295 but lately I get about 23 - 30.. Not sure what's going on but this part of the program is the only piece that seems to not work correctly...

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