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Monitoring Guest WLAN network SSID devices


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You have to make this secondary range visibile to the Domotz Agent, it means to make slight modifications to the firewall settings in order to forward packets incoming/outcomoing to/from domotz into the guest network.

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What sort of wireless router are you using? Or a real AP that has vlan support.


Its unlikely your your typical soho off the shelf wifi router that does guest networks is going to send that traffic into your lan, or allow you setup a trunk port on its lan ports to send it to your agent box.  Your best best would be to add another wifi nic on your agent and have it join that guest network.


I have multiple ssid running on different vlans I have it monitoring all of my wifi networks via the vlan that wifi network is on with simple trunk port to the agent and then setup those vlans on the agent.

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