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PC & Mac Monitoring Agents


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I suggest Domotz license a MDM agent.  I have been working with Cisco Meraki MDM and once you install their agent on the client device, the amount of management that is feasible is awesome.


Cisco Meraki MDM is totally free of charge - so I recommend anyone exploring MDM take a look at it.  They support cross platform (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux).


With a Meraki MDM agent installed, you have full remote access to the target device (except iOS which does not allow remote access) and can inventory software installed, and do a lot of other management stuff.


It would make the most sense for Domotz to work with 3rd party MDM (or license one to include) rather than re-invent the wheel.


However, MDM is a natural expansion for Domotz monitoring to provide, ultimately, a single-console solution for network and client device management.

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