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Violet unknown device


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Hi !

I have a device on violet indicated as online unknown.

That device is "well known" from domotz app. Its ip and mac address are correct. If i try to change name or category or type in violet, it change but no change are viewed on domotz pro. Same situation if i change device information on domotz pro, no change on violet. But the device is the same (same ip and same mac). Is like the two device are not the same on database ... how can i resolve it ? Thanks

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Hi Alessandro,


thanks for bringing this here. It might help clarifying something on the naming of devices between Domotz Pro and Violet


The "unknown" in Violet is from the end-customer point of view. It means that it came seen from the agent after the initial set-up of the Violet. Up to the customer to categorize that device into Family, Guest or HomeTech categories.


With regard to names, please note that once the end customer change the name to a device, it is applied into the Domotz Pro under a different field (visible under the Device Details tab with "Customer Name" label). This is to avoid that an end customer changes names to "your naming" convention, making your work harder.


But at the same time, you, as an installer, want to refer to the names provided by the end customer. That's why you can search for "Customer Name" using the find icon from the device list.


I hope this helps clarifying the distinction between names provided by the installer (Domotz Pro) and the one provided by the Customer (Violet).



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