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Synology DS216j - no agent in package center


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I think you have two different issue.


@Waligotech: Here a link to the package for a manual installation

Synology Package Center rejected the package for the braswell (x86_64) CPU architecture, which is mounted on the model of x16 series:

  • DS216+ - synology_braswell_ds216+
  • DS216+II - synology_braswell_216+II
  • DS716+ - synology_braswell_ds716+
  • DS716+II - synology_braswell_716+II
  • DS416play - synology_braswell_416play
  • DS916+ - synology_braswell_916+

Anyway, we provide the package to some customers and they have no issue during neither the installation nor the configuration. 

@dolleater: Your synology is an armada375 and the package work properly. If the link is now shown try to go to:
http://<ip>:3000 where <ip> is the local address of your Synology.

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Is there a package available for the Marvell Armada 385 88F6820 chipset found in the DS216J? The download you provide above doesn't work for this hardware.


Maybe something from another Marvell Armada chipset, possibly like in the DS216SE?


I see this is also mentioned on this post - please let me know if there is something available, or perhaps provide a link for the DS216SE package if that may work? Happy to test it out a bit and give some feedback if required.

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