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Feedback on App v0.9beta1


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1) Interesting that the app can control vibration (I assume for alerts) and prevent the phone from sleeping.

2) First time logging in does not immediately present you with the login screen, you need to hit the menu or swipe left to right for it.

3) Login failure provided no notification. I accidentally entered my password incorrectly but nothing happened that I could see. I just noticed I had the wrong letter at the end but hit enter before I stopped myself. Correcting the password accessed showed my agent.

4) Your available agents is at the bottom. I would recommend this be at the middle, with the login moving to the bottom after you have been successfully logged in and the 3 sets of information at the top (Devices, Alert Manager, and Diagnostics).

5) Username and password COULD be hidden after successful login from this screen and only displayed as needed or with a link button at the bottom.They take up a fair amount of space otherwise.

6) There is no option to logout or a timeout for login or such displayed. No idea when/if my login might cease. Since this is fairly valuable network information there should be options for such things if someone wants them.

7) If someone has multiple agents it might be nice to have a tree structure of agents, and the 3 sets beneath each... but I would have to set that up to check and I only have 1 RaspPi available at this time.

8) Devices listing is the main section displayed, which works for me.

9) Having all items immediately listed as generic is a bit of a downer. It would be good if Domotz starts building up an inventory of things and auto-identifies devices as they are found. A user can easily change it otherwise. For example, known routers could be set as Network Equipment. The RaspPi itself should be specially identified running the Domotz Agent.

10) Scrolling on the individual device screen is a bit tricky. If you scroll all the way down it hides the top section (the status, ip, and changes) which is quite a visible change. However in order to scroll back up you need to use a quicker, more "vigorous" swipe motion to scroll it back. Slow swipes just are not as effective for some reason.

11) There is a lot of information presented and the top of the device page is a bit dense. Some information on the page is repetitive (Status, # of Status Changes, IP) lower on the page. I would remove those unless the idea is the sections at the top be configurable (3 things that show information, but you can change them individually).

12) Once much of the top information is configured (Type, Place, etc...) it would be good to move these down the list towards the bottom. For the most part they are set once. The other data on the page you want to have easy to see.

13) Favourites is listed. This would be the UK English version. US English users will find this odd (indeed my spell checker indicates I have an misspelling).

14) Delete Device is greyed out. Not exactly sure what that would do from a network monitor perspective nor how I might get a deleted device back again if it just removes them from the listing. Not sure if this should remain.

15) First Seen attribute uses time in BST timezone. It would be better if it recognized the timezone from the smartphone and used that. Worst case use GMT. BST (Biel Mean Time) was made by Swatch for goodness sake. It matches CET. BST is basically a horrible... horrible thing that should die. Do not encourage anyone.

15) From the main devices screen it would be nice if swiping did more. Swiping from left to right gets the menu (as limited as it is and despite there being a menu button someone can select). Swiping right to left feels like it should switch between the device lists and then maybe into the Alerts and Diagnostics pages. But it does not.

16) Not sure what the ordering of the devices is. A little header row at the top that would allow you to sort by each of the columns would be nice. Hours uptime, type, Name, IP Address sorted high-low and click again for low-high.

17) Categories acts as a filter. Did not get that at first and you can only select one category at a time. Other useful filters would be by the device type and by location.

18) Not sure what the "Plugged" category is. Some of my devices are wired, some are wireless. This does not show any devices.

19) Some help or tooltips might be useful in such cases as trying to determine what "Plugged" is... but not critical for me (eventually I would figure to view it on a website).

20) Favorites in the device list should be highlighted more. Besides making their star a nice bright yellow (like on the device details page) maybe they could have a slightly shaded background. More visual distinction is really needed for them.

21) Alerts are interesting... Little more work needed for me to understand them completely. But first and foremost I would like the ability for the Domotz app to be able to notify me if the agent cannot be reached. That most likely means my network is down and that is something very important. I do not see any way to set this and how long is "too long" before it starts to warn me (in case my phone does not have a good data connection, I do not need notices every second or minute, but X time let me know and if it continues to be unavailable let me know at X interval). This should be easy to turn on and off. If I go camping I know I am not going to have a connection for example.


Enough for now. Thanks for the initial look. VERY interesting stuff.

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I'll leave most of your concerns to the software team to answer, but I have a few answers for you.

13. It's international English, get used to it ;)

14. You can only delete devices that are offline, see - http://www.domotz.com/domotz-knowledge-base-app/#info-delete This is so you can delete a device that isn't likely to end up back on the network ever again.

15. BST - British Summer Time. I guess this is a bug and I'l be reporting it as such.

16. It's a bit hidden, as you have to tap on the search magnifying glass to get the sorting options to show up, see - http://www.domotz.com/domotz-knowledge-base-app/#basic-settings

17. See above.

18. "Plugged" would be for devices plugged into a smart power switch. I have to put this into the instructions, but I haven't had one to test properly yet.

19. It's coming, it's still very early days.


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Wow, there is a knowledge base? RTFM indeed... (14, 16, & 17)

13) Yup. I understand that one, just letting you know you might get more comments about it from "US". Cheers.

18) Seems a bit narrow (versus other home automation stuff) but I get it.

Nothing new is really standing out to me. I checked it a few times, turned on a couple network devices that had been off so I can get them added in. I still need to figure out what a couple ARE... but everything I expected to be there appears to be identified.

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With regards to point 18, we're not trying to build a home automation platform, this is more of a backup, just in case. It will also allow you to see what is plugged into what, so you know your AV kit is plugged in to which WeMo switch etc. It's more about having a proper visual representation with the ability to switch things on/off if they're giving you problems and this would be a quick way to reboot them, rather than using the Domotz app as the main interface for controlling these devices. That may or may not change in the future.

The software team is working on improved device discovery, as right now, it's fairly basic, so that should improve over time and make it easier to figure out what more devices are. I nearly freaked out as I couldn't figure out what a device on my home network was, until I realised it was something I'd connected and forgotten about. Luckily my router had additional details and as such I figured out what it was. It's still very early days, so expect a lot more to come over the next few months.

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Hi Fillibar,

Thanks for your comments. 


My feedback to integrate what Lars has already told you.

Re: 2,3,4,5,6,7

The "user onboarding" experience as well as the menu have not been finalised. Please see them as a temporary stuff just as enabler for accessing the features. What we are working now is:

- making the user logging experience (login, logout, pwd recovery, ...) cleaned up

- review the way you access the function (the left menu, but there might also a be a dashboard for each network), including how you switch network 


Re: 9, 

Improving device identification & service+data discovery and getting diagnostic info will always be work in progress and a key mission for us. And most will be improving over time. Just be patient!  Currently on the device running Domotz "Domotz" string overwrite the actual device RaspPi as Brand (the same also happen on Qnap). Soon we will get back to the actual device brand and will put a special icon (or graphical element) to tell that that one is running domotz too!

Re: 10, 12, 15b, 20

will review with our UX guys what sort of improvements can be done. Not always easy, on usability matters sometimes we get different feedback from our panel members, but feedback like yours help a lot! 

Re: 11

The "balls" are going to be configurable. Currently we have put there three of the fields also available below. but the plan is that you can configure each ball by picking up any of the items below (which will increase and will also be device-dependent, from ink level to power consumption, to anything else we can get)

Re: 13

US market is very important to us. Happy to change to Favorites (2.35 billion of results in google) instead of Favourites (200 millions results in google) 

Re 14, 16, 18, 19

See Lars answers. Re smart plug, we definitely have to change the world "plugged" as very non-intuitive. Should be something like smart-power-plugged. Any nice suggestion? :D

Re: 15a

Still under dev. All current times are in BST, we are going to have all the times displayed in the timezone "of the house where the agent is running"

Re: 21

Only matter of time. The next two alerts that will come are the "agent not reachable" you also suggested as well as the "new device discovered" 



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No worries from me. I understand it is earlier and I am a beta tester. As Lars knows I can get really get going with feedback. But take much of it with a grain of salt. Outside of actual bugs it is all my opinion. I do not have the "end vision" you folks are working to. So that means some of what I say (even much) may be redundant, planned, irrelevant, etc. But I will still give it as long as you folks want it because there may be value in there. With the favorites piece, one recommendation. Build translatable language files. Text in your app, especially anything more than single words, should be tagged and pulled from the file as a variable based on the device's language setting. If the file can be published your community may even translate most of it for you. Solves minor, but noticeable, discrepancies like this.

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