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APC UPS Support


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I see in the list of supported UPS/PDUs that APC is listed there as "APC Network Management Card 2".

I have a number of 9606 and 9630 cards installed with SNMP turned on and all I get from Domotz under SNMP is throughput and the network interface.

Is there an option for power management? Capacity monitoring? Voltage levels? Temperatures? Run times? etc.


Would love all of this for Panamax too.



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Hi Greg,

In terms of SNMP we only read and display network interface informatio at the moment (since they are pretty standard and model-independent).

We are working at implementing a proper SNMP features allowing our users to monitor their preferred SNMP OID on any device supporting SNMPv2.

We ae working alredy at it and hopefully should be available by the end of February. 

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