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Excessive ARP Requests


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I was reviewing my network with Wireshark and noticed the incredible amount of ARP requests that Domotz outputs. It sends an ARP request to every IP address in my network. I have 2 VLANs that Domotz monitors. Is every 30 seconds really necessary? Looking at my L3 network switch, it looks like my CPU jumps up 10% every 30 seconds. Not a huge impact, but it seems a bit excessive. 


Anyone else notice this? Is there a way to change the frequency?

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Hi all,

our scan frequency is currently not customisable: it's part of our core infrastructure and we must pay very close attention to any adjustment.
This high rate is needed to send real-time alert.

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Hi folks,

We are also seeing large amounts of broadcast ARPs - 500 broadcasts over a 1s period, every 30 seconds. Although this may be acceptable to devices with powerful processors, our humbler devices (10Base-T) are getting heavily loaded by this, and our real application messages are getting slowed/lost. Is it not possible to stagger these ARPs, or send unicast to known devices, rather than hitting a network so heavily, so often?

We also notice broadcast ARPing to subnet-broadcast address x.x.x.255/24 and x.x.x.0/24?



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tapping into this. Is there a way to tweak broadcasting or use unicast? I was troubleshooting our network performance an 3.5 million packets a day.

happy to sacrifice realtime alers for the network. for the moment turning off domotz :(


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