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New devices automatically being assigned as IMPORTANT automatically


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I have a number of Domotz devices in networks that most devices are short term devices and so have a number of new devices arriving and leaving. I have noticed that a couple of times a week there is a new device that is automatically classified as an important device. They also seem to get a "Type" automatically assigned. This means that when the device leaves the network, in the summary view I have an alert that shows an important device is down. Once I go and check I reclassify them as indifferent and all is sorted.


My question is why do some devices get automatically classified as important on joining the network???





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Hi J0nz,


the flag "Importance" is used to filter the agents' overview page in "Healthy" and "Issued".
To avoid people manually set the importance of each device we have a default settings for each recognized type.

For instance, a mobile device is flagged as "Indifferent", while an Audio Video as "Important".

I hope you understand the reason of this behaviour.


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Many users love the fact that we have some automated logic to propose default type and classification. But I also understand your points. We are thinking of making this configurable for account. E.g. to have a global settings saying "never set new devices as important".  Not a precise plan yet.

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would be great thanks..... Rather than per account would it be possible to have it per device.... there seems to be a few settings that could begin to go into this settings page, from my reading of the forums


  • Auto categorize new devices
  • Frequency of speed test 
  • Frequency of device tests




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