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Are there any white papers on your support of Just Add Power? They are listed as a partner on your website. We frequently use bunnyon Cisco SG500 switches and would like to monitor the transmitters and receivers. I see there is a TUI tool to configure VLANs, but haven't found the user guide for that. What is the best way to monitor their devices as adding the Domotz box to the video VLAN will flood the NIC with massive amount of video traffic. Is there a way to add a route to the Domotz box so it can just reach the management IPs of the devices. 


For example. Main (control) network is and the bunnysubnet is We add a static route to the router of with a gateway of the Cisco SG500 switch IP of 

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Hi nsav,

If you go here, you will find a link to the TUI guide. https://www.domotz.com/knowledge-base/

To access the TUI you will need to connect the Domotz box to a keyboard and a screen in order to set-up multi vlan monitoring. Over the following weeks we are also adding the possibility of making these configuration directly from the web page of the logal agent (the one running on port 3000).

This should make the work of our users more efficient.

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On 1/16/2017 at 11:01 PM, hdsystems said:

That is very strange! In my reply i typed J-A-P without the dashes, It changed it just like in your original post.


well... the forum is configured with a "profanity" filter, which just replace bad words with bunny. Not completely sure why "J-A-P" without dashes is in that list... but well, other bad words are fine to be in that list.

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