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Feedback on App 0.9.3-b001


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Some feedback on the Android app:

1) In general, some release notes might be nice. Added into an about or other section within the app would be handy especially for the beta.

2) Starts off with "All devices are down" when first connecting (or attempting to).
As I have a poor data connection at times this is not actually accurate.
When the app first starts it should not have this warning but rather just have the Loading (or a "Connecting") more prominent.
This appears to be because mine is opening on the "Online" tab (which seems appropriate). However the Offline tab shows
"All devices are up" at the same time and the All tab shows "No devices detected". Obviously these are incorrect if it is a
case of the app being unable to connect to Domotz.

3) If there is no data connection when the app starts it appears that it "gives up" checking after a bit. Not sure what the
timing involved is but mine never said anything beyond "All devices are down" with the "Loading..." at the bottom even after
my data had come back.

4) My agents list appears to have been cleared out. Only the currently active one "Backup" remains (which is fine). I assume
this was done for the beta and is not a bug? After restarting the app a couple times over the testing the other Agents reappeared.
I was actually happy they had gone away. :)

5) Customized names, locations, favorites, etc... did not get retained.

6) Favorites symbol added to icon on list would be better if it is filled in with yellow (to make it easier to spot).

7) The symbol that the domotz agent is running on a particular piece of hardware is useful. However I would add it to the
icon (like the favorites) instead of taking up space in the name area.

8) Every device defaults to "Important". Instead I think most should default to indifferent. At least until such a time as you can
determine general types (router for example) that should default to important. Until then the only one I would default as important
would be the hardware for the agent.

9) Some devices have a Last Status Change date of much longer than when the agent was reinstalled. Not exactly sure why they would
not be based on when the agent could first detect them. Even if this is due to some retained cloud information that could be inaccurate.
Ex: My router was rebooted last week (prior to the current agent being installed) which should have triggered a change. But nothing is
listed in the History for it.

10) When entering a custom name or location there is a little white circle with an X at the end of the entry line. Selecting this clears
the line and sets it back. However this icon is FAR too close to the checkmark confirming entry. I have selected it a couple times by accident
which is... annoying. Further it does not seem to have a lot of purpose. You can always select the red X to back out of the entry or use
the backspace function in your keyboard...

11) It might be nice if you could have the favorites appear at the beginning of whatever sort is performed (but sorted amongst themselves)
then the non-favorites sorted after them. This could be a checkbox in the settings "Sort Favorites First" type of thing. If they are favorites
then I want them most. Or make Favorites be a selectable Group By.

12) What is the current expectation for importance? It does not impact sorts. There does not appear to be any function built around it (that
I have found yet). If you were able to set up general alerts (ex: alert me if anything important drops offline) then that would make sense.

13) When creating a custom alert... maybe I am dense, but why would HB (Heartbeat I assume) Lost be any different from the device going Down?

14) Would it be possible to create an alert for "IP Change"? The device did not go "down" or "up" but it changed IP (maybe the DHCP renewal gave
it a different one for some reason).

15) Hitting Back from a major screen (Devices, Alert Manager, etc...) immediately exits the app. Confirmation on the Devices screen would be nice
(that can be disabled in settings). It would also be preferable that selecting Back from the other screens switches back to the Devices screen.
This gets pretty annoying when using the other screens as I keep accidentally exiting the app. I also found you can hit Back when the search is
displayed for devices to exit... Instead of exiting the search (like the red X) it exits the app.

16) Network Info is only displaying "N/A" for the Public IP Address, Public Name, and Provider. Pretty sure these were populated when I checked yesterday
while at home (on the network). Not sure why they are dependent (if so) on being on the network.

17) No selections available within the Speed Test. What if I wanted to select a different server versus whatever is determined to be "Nearest".
Not clear (in the app) how the nearest is determined as mine decides to go to Ontario (which is in Canada). There are none closer in the US?

18) It would be nice if a history of Speed Tests could be made to compare results over time. Also if it were possible to set the agent to do a speed
test on a regular basis so you could see how it is working over time without having to set it up manually every time. Maybe 1 hour and 1 day intervals?
Able to be set for 12hrs, 24hrs at the 1 hour interval and 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days for the 1 day interval? That should not cause undue strain on the
speed servers.

19) Assuming the Diagnostics section will get more tests... The Start should be "Start Test(s)". Further it would be nice, once there are more,
if each test could be selectable by a checkbox. Maybe I will only want the ECHO and not the PING (?) test, or the "Port Security" test.

20) Speaking of Port Security... A test that attempts to connect to a device (or all over time) and tests which ports are exposed on the device(s)
would be handy. Especially if that information is then recorded in the device's info. It would help detect potential security threats or just
areas that were forgotten.

21) Ability to configure tests to be run automatically on a regular cadence (like the Speed Test) and the results logged would be useful. Even more
useful if much of the logging could be exported for better analysis (using an XML file maybe) or downloaded from the cloud (or the agent itself).

22) It is necessary to hit the Done button when adjusting the device sort/grouping. Selecting it once implements it (it is possible to see behind it)
and the second time to actually close the dialog.

23) Devices without a location set are grouped at the front of the sort when Location grouping is set. IMO they should be at the end.

24) The ability to set the refresh interval MAY be desired. Some people may not want the app checking with the agent all the time (if they have data
caps for example). This leads to other points... It may be desirable to only allow the app to refresh when a person is on WIFI or adjust the
intervals separately. I have unlimited data, so I do not care... but that is becoming rare here in the US and we are charged pretty absurd rates
for data (overall). It is also not clear how much data domotz uses. This might be something you want to provide examples of.

25) Being able to trigger a sample alert might be nice so people know what it looks like before it happens.

26) A time based alert trigger for when a device goes down could be useful. On things I really do not worry about they could go down for periods of time
and I may not worry too much. Other things I would want to know... but only if it does not recover in a "reasonable" period of time. Where I set the time.
For example I have a number of custom sensors. If they do not reconnect in a day... I would like to know. Less than that... I can live with (and I would
not leave work for any of them). My aquarium controller goes down though... I want to know if it does not recover within an hour (if not sooner).

27) The ability for the app to determine if it cannot reach the domotz agent because it does not have data (oops, your phone is not connected to anything)
versus the agent being unreachable (your phone is connected but we cannot reach the agent). In the example of my house, that could mean the RasPi failed,
the router failed, or the cable modem failed (or any combination).

28) Once entered I think the Username and Password section should move to the bottom of the list, under the Agents. It is far less useful than the others
at that point.

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Will go trough your comments asap and get back as soon as possible. Today very busy in onboarding beta testers

Just apology for missing the release note. We set this version as a baseline for our official beta testers, so we do not wanted to bother them with and missed to highlight the differences to our alpha testers! Will send you some details privately.


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Here a first level of feedback on each of your points. I've grouped them in few logical groups 

Under work

28: Please note Menu is still raw, working at a dashboard and improved menu. Within a couple of weeks


Suggestions agreed or already planned in our backlog

 2, 3 and 27. Agreed.We must provide a better feedback over the status of the communications between app and agent. Your examples 2 and 3 mainly refer (I suppose) to the period when you use the app during the first scan after agent installation. Which is typically a one off, but can be quite long, and without device being displayed. But in general we need to provide a clear status at any time as you said in point 27.

6. Agreed.

10. Agreed.

14. Agreed. We want to add not only alerts for IP changes, but also when a new device enter your network, or if any of your important devices go down.

15. Hitting Back from the search is definitely a bug. Hitting back from the menu is something we have to review with our UX/UI guys, as there are few pros and cons

16. Agreed. It’s a bug we must fix. They are not dependent on your app being in the network or not (you will find the same issue also from the local agent. When you go on the page, often this data are populated, but sometime not.

17, 18, 19, 21. All these suggestions about Speed Test are already in our mind and plans. Just need to find time and resources. Likely 21 will be the one coming first, but all of them are being considered.

20. Definitely yes! We want to help people’s people having better control of the security of their house, and their network too! This is likely to be the first feature on this subject, but we are thinking of something more. Realistically, we do not have resources for delivering anything on this matter in the next three months. But we want to start deliverin something immediately after

23. Agreed



Somehow agreed in principle, but need to evaluate efforts, priority, impact on performace and so on...

24, 25, 26


No planned changes (explanation given)

7. Well there are devices that are a NAS and run domotz. Same for raspberry. Other device tyes in the future. So hosting domotz is more a kind of attribute than a type. Our UX guys proposed this way and we liked

8 & 12: Important devices: by default we set to important any device excluding mobile, tablets, pc, guest devices, game consoles,… Our initial UX A/B testing showed a preference of users for having important to be set by default for most devices and then maybe change. In any case the purpose if to have a place where you can immediately see the status of what matters to you mostly, then giving complete power of moving them around. You will see the important properly highlighted in the dashboard of next release. And definitely yes, we plan to add specific alerts and features about them.

11.  I think it is already possible what you suggest, even thoug in a different way. We have the panel of favorites, (Categories -> Favourites) and there you can sort, filter and group with other criteria.

13. DOWN and HB LOST are very different. HB: we send pings check every 30 sec . If they fail and you want to be notified, you can, trough the HB lost. DOWN is triggered when pings fail 2 minutes (so 4 times consecutively). This is completely up to the user. if want to be notified for something that is definitely shut down, or as soon as we discover there is no connectivity. My personal example: I have set-up DOWN and UP emails for a smart TV at home (because when my kids are with the babysitter I do not want they watch too much tv). If I had used hb lost I could have received a lot of unnecessary notifications, because that TV periodically, does not answer to ping, but still works!. For a security camera, instead, I have set HB LOST because I want to be sure it always work and be alerted if there is any issue as soon as possible. As a matter of fact in our earlier alfa versions (you may remind) the DOWN was matching with the HB lost and this was triggering a lot of un-necessary alerts on quite few devices with our testers.... 

22: We think the button Done is needed because the user can do up to three actions inside this box: select the grouping field, select the sorting field, change the order of the sorting, and maybe change mind while doing. So a Done to close the dialog is necessary according to our UX experts


Alpha-testing related issues

1. Sorry about that. It was just because we opened to beta testers and missed a proper notification of changes to our alpha testers. Sent a separate email to you.

4. Well we try to show old info. We did not removed any old information in the DB related to existing agent. In the next release there is a Reset() button that you can use to cleanup old data and free-up a licence

5.  Names, locations, Important, Notes, and any info you add is meant to be retained in our DB and kept after installation. If you lost something I think it can be related to some problem with a previous alpha. Please raise them as a bug if you find from now on. "Favorites" is the only element that is local to the app. This is because soon we will add a "collaboration" feature, so that you can open up your domotz to a trusted person which may have a different Favorite set (e.g. my wife I am sure will have her Favorites quite different from mine) 

9. Last Status Change should be kept when you reinstall the agent. I am sure there are issues between alphas and the current version. Sorry about this. But from now on, if you find issues, it will be definitely a bug

Hope I have not missed any point.


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Wow! Thanks for the response,you did indeed touch on every one.

Looking at the "No planned changes" there is only one I would push back a bit on, and that is number 22. I have no complaint with a Done button. What I was more mentioning it for was the fact that you have to select it twice to close the dialog. "Once and done" should be the case.

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