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Small screens - name should take priority


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I've just started the trial and I'm impressed so far.


I notice on my iPhone SE, in the devices list the names of the devices can be truncated to such an extent that I can't tell which is which from similarly named ones, e.g. my "Squeezebox Radio", "Squeezebox Classic" and "Squeezebox Touch" all just show as "Squeezebox ...". I notice the same thing happens in the portal via a web browser when I artificially reduce the available space.


There is enough screen estate to show the full name (or at least more of it), but it seems the manufacturer name is prioritised - it will always show in full, and the name is truncated to fit what space is left. I suggest this is the wrong way around. If space is at a premium it is more important to see as much of the name as possible.


Not a massive issue, but it would be a welcome improvement for me. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if landscape was supported on the phone app.






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