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The Meaning of a Blue Dot


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When the Domotz app show a badge (notification), the menu (hamburgur) icon will show a blue dot. However clicking on the menu, which will bring up the left hand side menu, but I do not see any reference to any notification. After closing the left hand side menu, the blue dot will be cleared.


Where can I find the notifications with in the app?

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Hi TokyoIoT,


the blue dot indicates that something on the Agents list has changed.

There may be a pending collaboration request, or someone you where collaborating with has revoked your access from their Agent.

You also get a "blue dot" when one of your Agents expires.

Those events fire a local notification on your browser, if you granted the browser the chance to.

On the sidemenu however you are always able to check for any items in the Collaborations and Expired Agents list.


Devices notifications are currently not stored within the app.




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