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domotz on rpi very often disconnect


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Hello, one of my domotz rpi disconnect from internet very often. if i try to access it by ssh , i can enter with no problems. reboot it and all go well and domotz reconnect. but after a little time the problem reappear, i receive the mail about domotz disconnected. can you help me?

Ciao, one dei miei rpi con domotz si disconnette spesso da internet e smette quindi di essere gestibile da app. se provo ad entrare in ssh da putty per esempio, riesco ad accedere. riavviando tutto torna nella norma. ma poco dopo ricapita il problema. Potete aiutarmi?

grazie mille

Domotz Portal_2017-02-14_07-38-38.png

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I'm having a similar issue after things upgraded to 1.3.7

Domotz agent disconnects.

I can log into the Pi and restart it and it works fine again.

I've had this happen with about 4 agents so far.


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still the same for me. disconnet very often until i reboot it. strange, very strange. i have other domotz on other rpi and they are works perfect.

Domotz Portal_2017-03-02_09-15-19.png

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