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I'm currently testing use of the Violet app to see if it would be useful for any of the clients we plan on installing the Domotz agent into. A common feature request we have received lately from our clients is a way to prevent their son(s) or daughter(s) from using any of their network enabled devices later in the evening. I have tested the enabled/disabled feature through the Violet app, which I know is basically creating a black hole for all network request from the blocked device to get sucked into. The way you enable the block would work well for some of our clients, however most of them would like to be able to setup the block on a scheduled basis. This way the end user could build out a daily schedule for when each of the devices is allowed to be used, and then not have to remember to manually disable them every night. The scheduling setup doesn't have to be super elaborate. There would just need to be a way to say from x:xx - x:xx the network access for the device is disabled. Any use outside of that time is allowed to pass along normally.

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