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Power Cycle or Reset vs Toggle


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Maybe I'm missing something, but there needs to be the ability to press ONE button to power cycle a device. Most devices that we use need at LEAST 10 seconds of being off, so if there could be either an option to enter a downtime or possibly even select 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds, etc., that would be very useful!


It may be there already somewhere, but there needs to be some way of restricting some devices to not allow a power toggle, but only a reset, especially if the smart-plug or POE switch is connected to a remote connection critical device (i.e. router, etc. or a device that should never be left off for very long like a phone system). I know some Smart plugs, etc. may not have a built-in power cycle or "reset only" option, but many have timers as a workaround.




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Hi Chris,


We have already a button to power-cycle the device, if the PDU supports the feature.

There is no way to set a downtime for now.


the feature you requested is something that we have already in mind and part of a bigger project that can be sum up as "Permission Management on agent".
It's something that won't be able to deliver soon. 

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