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Multiple Customer Violet Users


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It would be very useful if you could allow multiple users to have access to Violet with individual permission settings for each. For instance, in a commercial setting, a few key employees might need to ability to power cycle certain devices or connect to certain devices only, and another employee might be responsible for a other devices only, while the owner or manager might have access to everything.


Another example would be in a residential setting for a parent giving certain access to their child, their mother who lives with them, a guest, etc. Or a wife needing different access (some things she may not need/want to worry about) than the husband.


Or, one user might need an alert for certain devices going offline or other triggers and another user might need alerts for different devices, etc.




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Also, I have some clients that are savvy enough to use both the Domotz Portal and Violet.  Wondering why they can't use the same email to have accounts/login to both systems.  Currently, have to use a second dummy Email account.


Especially where one member of the household is a tech guru/super user and the others are not, it would be very useful to have multiple Violet accounts.


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Can the same login be used for both Domotz Pro and Violet?  I have an existing customer that has a login to the Domotz Portal to receive alerts and status overview, I would like to give him access to Violet, but he only has one personal email address.


Also, for myself and staff members it would be much more convenient if a single login could be used for both Domotz Portal and Violet app.


Multiple logins would be a bigger administrative issue in the future when two-factor authentication is added as managing multiple two-factor logins for a single individual might also be problematic if the second factor is a cell text number.


(We already have this problem with Eero mesh routers which use a cell phone number as the primary authentication so a single person can't manage multiple networks - but they are working on a fix to that for all their Pro dealers.)

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