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Watchguard T10


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Does anyone have experience with the Watchguard T10?


The first site we use Domotz on has one of these. Dang it!


It is a firewall and it i creating a separate subnet for all deices connected to it. I don't know if I can get Domotz to see through it or not.


No one I have asked onsite knows anything about it or who installed it. May the owner will.


How do you configure it? It sounds like there is a cloud management UI. I may have to call Watchguard and see if they can give me the skinny.


Thank you for your help!


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Thanks for the reply!


Our client has had another company managing their off-site backups, and they have just replaced the WatchGuard this week with an updated unit using "Untangle".


I looked all through the administration interface, but I could not see how to allow Domotz to see through it. I may start another thread.


If anyone knows how to configure either the WatchGuard or Untangle to allow Domotz to see it's devices, let me know.




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