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Hello Dylan. Did you manage to login to :3000 on the local agent and go through the sign up process from there? If so, can you email your agent name to beta2@domotz.com so we can check if the environment has been created correctly in our back end and reproduce the issue? Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Dylan,

I confirm we do not see any agent activated with the account (email) you provided. Apparently you still have to activate it.

Please make sure you:

1. Launch the agent (according to instructions in http://www.domotz.com/domotz-knowledge-base/)

2. Go to port :3000 of the device running the agent, and activate your agent by putting your email and setting a password.

3. After some time (few minuts) you should see all data in your app (use the same email and password you have set for the agent).

If you still have problem, please drop us an email to beta2@domotz.com.

Thank you



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