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Greater Mikrotik Support


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Would it possible to add greater Mikrotik Support either through SNMP, SSH or their API..?



Mikrotik MIB




Great things to have would be things like

  1. CPU load
  2. CPU Temp
  3. RAM Usage
  4. System Temp
  5. Voltages
  6. Active Fan
  7. Fan Speed
  8. PSU States
  9. POE Info
  10. Additional Port/Bridge/WiFi Info


The list goes on


I can provide VPN access to Cloud Core Routers, Cloud Router Switches, Various Access Points and other Mikrotik hardware if it would be helpful.










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Wait, so there is  MikroTik support kinda? When I checked the supported switches it didnt say anything about  MikroTik  ?

Unless Im missing something? 

We also use tiks for all our commercial and larger resi jobs, this would help big time and make us add a agent to every commerical job we install. 

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Hi Everyone,

We have just introduced support for the MikroTik PoE Switch 962UiGS-5HacT2HnT .

For the Moment we only have automatic port mapping and PoE control of the devices. We weren't able to retrieve the PoE power consumption details yet however.


Domotz Support

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On 11/17/2017 at 8:47 AM, DudleyR said:

You know you are dealing with someone who knows their stuff if they are using Mikrotik!

Not since they added quick set...


I have taken over many a Tik with some BS settings the last guy saw on YouTube.


It's killing me that the Domotz Box DEALER COST is tripple the cost of my router!

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