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UNIFI Ubiquiti Switches

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I'm trying to confirm the level of integration for the US‑16‑150W or any of the Unifi POE switches. If we have POE cameras connected to each, would we have easy power-cycling ability for each camera on a per camera/per-port basis?


So, can we give customers Violet access with a list of cameras that they click on and click on a power cycle button if a camera goes out? Also, is it a power cycle or a power toggle, and can you set the time of the cycle (like, off for 30 seconds, then back on)?


If you know and can compare/contrast the Luxul POE switch integration with the Unifi integration, I would be grateful too!





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I'm really not feeling the love on the forum. It  is clearly not a priority :(


I had to go ahead and buy a switch to see how it integrates.


I see it maps the ports, but it has an "unlock" interface that I do not know what to enable in the switch or what credentials to allow domotz to reboot ports. Please help!



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Forum is hit and miss. Emailing to support works best.


If you enable a device and reboot in violet, it will do a native reboot, reboot outlet, or turn the outlet off/on, all depending on the capability of the switch/pdu and the current connection status of the device. For example, if you enable it for a DirecTV box, it will send a reboot command directly to the box unless it is offline, then it would reboot or power off/on the outlet depending on what the pdu supports. 


SNMP v2 has to be enabled in the switch and those communities entered into Domotz, unless you use the default private/public communities. You should see POE info and power cycling after that. I don't think there's a way to set he off time on the power cycle. 




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I recently replaced an HP ProCurve J9021A 24 Port Gigabit Switch 2810-24G with a Ubiquiti UniFi 24 Port Gigabit Switch.  The SNMP functionality of the HP was top notch and worked right out the box, the Ubiquiti not so much.  Before anyone asks, YES I enabled SNMP on the UniFi Controller, and made sure that the community names matched, etc.


Anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get the Domotz Agent and this new switch communicating via SNMP?

Thanks in advance! 

Never mind. . .   After 4 or 5 hours of tinkering, I finally got it working.  I think that a reboot of the new Ubiquiti switch after multiple configuration changes is what ultimately got everything functioning properly.

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