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I'm new to this community, so if this subject has been discussed then i'm sorry. Does anyone have any experience of issues using demotz and Pakedge PDU's. For so reason my Pakedge unit PD20 keeps going offline after about 5/7 days only a reboot will cure the issue and bring it back online.


thanks in advance

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Hello David,


You can write an email to support@domotz.com explaining your problem and with which device (model and vendor).


Our support team is efficient and will reply to you.




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I've got a p8e that has just crashed. Not on site so can't reboot it at the minute. Is this problem sorted yet as ive just started using domotz and like the solution. 

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I'm in the same boat as well.  I have a P8E running the most up to date firmware and when the Domotz Box is connected the P8E fall off the network within 15mins.  When the Domotz is left disconnected the P8E runs normally without any issues.  Is there any way to adjust the how often the status is checked, is once every 30 seconds to much? 


Any help would be appreciated

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It's a known issue with some of the old pakedge pdu-s.(p2e, p8e). I have investigated it numerous times and I can't find the exact trigger for this, as does not seem to happen to all models. 
I also discussed it with a customer that contacted Pakedge and they told him that some of their old models can go down in a high traffic network. Also that they won't release a software fix for this and it will be addressed in their next hardware versions.
Sorry, but the only workaround for now is that we exclude that specific device from the agent monitoring. In this case the PDU will not be seen anymore by the Domotz agent. If this workaround is acceptable in your case please contact support@domotz.com who will be able to help with this.

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