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Power Lockout

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On the manufacturer's devices you can lockout the function to power off an outlet. This is designed for the cases where a network switch, router or modem is attached to the outlet. If you power those outlets off, you may lose control of the system by not being connected to the internet anymore. 


Is there a way to do the same in the Domotz app? I haven't tried it yet, but if you flip the outlet to OFF does the PDU just ignore it if the outlet has been set to "Reboot Only"?


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I have posted a similar inquiries. You can check them out here:




It is certainly a valid question and concern.


The first answer I received was that if the device supports it, then we support it.


I know that they are working on timing and trigger features, but even if there was a kid of workaround, the device (plug) ultimately would have to support this particular feature for network critical power-cycles like you and I are talking about. If there was a workaround in the Domotz app that sent a signal to the device to turn it off and, say, sent another signal in 30 seconds to turn it on, that could work in some cases. The issue would be that the power cycle could not affect the connection between the Domotz hub and the smart switch either by disabling the device giving the Domotz and plug an IP address (router) or by disabling the WIFI signal that many smart plugs rely on to be a part of the network in the first place. The ideal would be that Domotz would send one command only to the plug that tells it to turn off and then back on in a certain amount of time.


So to solve all of that for us in the present, I just need to know what plugs support that. I can't seem to get anyone to chime in though. :(


Let me know if you find any good solution.


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As far as I know, the following multi-port PDUs (currently supported by Domotz) support the Power Cycle natively (as suggested by gmedia01):


  • Surgex

  • Gude

  • Baytech

  • Bryant

  • TrippLite

  • Pakedge

  • Digital Loggers

  • WattBox

  • Apc

  • Aten

  • Panamax/SM3

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