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SNMP Gude Sensor Box


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I have a Expert Sensor Box 7211-0 from Gude.

I can not display the information of my probe thanks to the functionality "Eyes"
According to the MIB file provided by Gude, the OID is: . Unfortunately nothing is displayed.
The interface tab is enabled, demonstrating that the SNMP is enabled.

What can I do ?
Thank you



je possède un SensorBox Temperature 7211-0 de chez Gude.

je n'arrive pas à afficher les informations de ma sonde grâce à la fonctionnalité "Eyes"
D'après le fichier MIB fourni par Gude, l'OID est : . . Malheureusement rien ne s'affiché.
L’onglet interface est bien activé, ce qui démontre que le SNMP est bien activé.

Que puis-je faire ?


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Have you tried by removing the dot at the beginning?

If no success I would recommend to send an email to our support by indicating the name of the agent that is affected.


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To understand if the issue is either specific to that OID or related to the SNMP information gathering, you could:

1. go to the device details view, (the one where you can choose the room as well)

2. look above the "First Seen" row, searching for the "SNMP Name".

3. If "SNMP Name" is displaying a reasonable string, the problem is specific to Gude OID otherwise something else is happening at SNMP level.


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By looking at the MIB usually used by Gude (but other manufacturer as well use a similar approach), the "single item" you need to GET, need to be specified with the index number (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc).

In your specific case, the OID which can be retrieved by Domotz as a single value (not a walk into the OID tree) should be the following: (please notice the last index id at the end of the one you originally used)

By using this OID you should get the value you are looking for.

In general, I would recommend a MIB browser which is able to perform single SNMPGET from the device you need to monitor, to find out the exact OID. I personally use MIB Browser iReader (http://ireasoning.com/mibbrowser.shtml – free version).

Of course, we will simplify this part, and add a similar tool to check the exact OID directly in Domotz, allowing a simpler way of configuring/discover OID which need to be configured. It just a matter of putting the requirements together and develop these further improvements.

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