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Domotz as ERP Monitor


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We're looking to use Domotz as a simple solution to monitor the on-premise ERP platform we resell. I've reviewed the functionality provided by Domotz and there's some additional things I'd like to do. Anyone in the know willing to look these over and respond?


  • We plan on running the agent on a Raspberry PI with a RGD LED board attached. We'd like to be able to update what the board is displaying based on what Domotz is reporting. (Green light good, red light problem.. nothing too complicated.) Is there an API or some local copy of what the agent is gathering that we can utilize for this purpose?
  • Most of the monitoring that Domotz seems capable of doing is simple alive checks, port checks and SNMP queries. We'd want to be able to monitor some more advanced stuff. Some of it would be standard things like available disk space on a Windows Server. But other things would pretty complex, like backups status of a database. Is SNMP the only option for us to provide a simplified method for Domotz to query for this information? Or is there an API available that we could push status to?
  • Followup to the "is there an API available that we could push status to?" question. If this exists, do we have the ability to set an alert if we don't receive an update in an expected time frame?
  • We would likely be deploying these to multiple locations. Is there a way to "template" a new setup off of an existing network to minimize configuration work?


Looking forward to getting Domotz setup and see if it will work as we hope. Very cool stuff!

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