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agent showing wrong timezone?


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So if I hit the agent directly.. Showing my location and city, etc.  But says the timezone is New York?  Eastern?


Clearly the timezone of the ubuntu box its running on is correct..


root@domotz:/home/user# date
Tue Apr 25 05:45:11 CDT 2017


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Clearly this is not correct.. The domotz box shows chicago timezone, CDT.. but agent info main page is showing New York


root@domotz:/home/user# hwclock --show
Fri 26 May 2017 05:32:13 AM CDT  -0.257671 seconds
root@domotz:/home/user# cat /etc/timezone



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Sorry for the late reply on this. We were working on the Cloud Service to allow the change of the TimeZone (for reporting, history tabs, logging, etc).


We have recently added the possibility to change the TimeZone for your agent directly on the App/WebApp.


Select the Agent --> Customer Management Tile.


There is a new section in the Info tab to change the TimeZone. 


If you also want to align the TimeZone appearing at the Agent level (this is not strictly required), you can edit the domotz.json file (timezone field) and restart the Domotz agent.

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While I did notice the customer management tile the other day and the timezone.  That did not adjust it.. So I edited the .json fiile and now when I hit the agent direct shows correct.



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