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Difficult network setup any pointers?


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I will be doing an install over the next couple of days the network for me is a bit out of the ordinary and i need some idea as to how i should configure everything.


The setup:

2 x Virgin media business superhubs connected to wan ports of Draytek Vigor 300b load balancer

24 port smart switch serves main network from lan1 port on the draytek - range 192.168.2.x (staff network)

Small Desktop switch connected to lan 2 port on draytek  - range 192.168.3.x (guest network)


Both Virgin media superhubs are accessed via (same ip) which until now hasn't been a problem because they are on the wan side of the router and accessed locally by direct connection. With the domotz box i assume i need to somehow create another vlan to connect the superhubs to? I'm thinking about fitting anther small switch to connect the lan side of the

superhubs to and obviously giving them different ip addresses for the web gui. Am i on the right track any suggestions on how best to configure it all so that the domotz box will see all networks.

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