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APC 7902 No Config

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I have an APC 7902 16 Outlet Rack PDU that is not being recognized. I have used these before with Domotz and the Config page is there and allows me to login. I have (2) ACP 7901s at the same location that work just fine. Any ideas why the Config page is not appearing? 

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APC PDUs and UPS' have a lot of different firmwares and as such we cannot guarantee that all of them will work flawlessly. This is most likely the case that the interface of the device is different than what we expect so we can't read the status properly. We will have to investigate this further to confirm why exactly that is for which I will ask you to write an email to support@domotz.com.


If you ever experience a problem such as the one you describe above, please send an email to support@domotz.com where we can track and follow up a lot faster. 





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