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QNAP TS-453B: Domotz agent not working!


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Hi All, I'm a newbie to the Domotz forum.


I have just purchased a brand new QNAP TS-453B nas last week, and I installed Domotz agent (QNAP refers this to "App") over the weekend and it freezes my NAS. That is, I am unable to log into my TS-453B web pages, SSH/Telnet, etc. logins. I can ping and see the TS-453B ports, etc., but no login. I'm also able to run Domotz  agent/app on my other QNAP nas TS-451 and TS-251 but not TS-453B. It appears Domotz agent is not compatible with my TS-453B. 


I've raised the issue with QNAP serive desk, but no response as of yet. Can anyone please provide any advise- besides not running Domotz agent on my TS-453B? 




P.S. I'm not an expert SSH'er :o) 

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5 hours ago, GeekyTim said:

Same here!

Hi GeekyTim

Sorry for your bad experience, could i ask you more information about your issue?

The issue is limited to Domotz app or impact the Qnap?

If is limited to Domotz you can try with this new package that we'll upload to the market  soon 



If you need help in order to install it manually you should follow these steps

  • - Download domotz qpkg packet ffrom the link above
  • - open "app center" on your qnap
  • - Click on "install manually" , select the downloaded package and install it

Hope to hear you back soon


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no joy with the prepropduction version either (TS-653B, QTS Build 20170901) either. Agent connects and disconnects in intervals of 5 to 15 minutes. Plus now Domotz isn't even available in the Qnap App-Center anymore. What's going on there?

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We are on this. 

Sorry about this: The recent version of QTS caused some incompatibilities. We are working with the QNAP guys to remove the issues and we should be able to release a version to them by Friday.

They may take some time to review and sign off, but we can also circulate a new package link from here Friday or Monday.


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I can confirm that 2.1.4 to which the link was posted by Mauro is working fine on my TS-653B on QTS 4.3.3 and 4.34 beta. The same is true for the ARM version on my TS-431P (also tested on QTS 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 beta)

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