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I have seen historic threads about speed test and how they would be improved but nothing particularly recent.


I have a site connected to HyperOptic that is delivering wildly varying download speed tests (often inaccurate) and completely inaccurate upload speeds.  For this site this information is particularly important.


- Is there a fix for this?  

- Did the migration to Ookla ever happen?

- is this problem limited to super-fast connections? -- My under 100MBPS site appear to be accurate enough



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When we moved to our new speed test majority of problems disappeared. Actually the vast majority, but not all.

Since we have no control on those servers there are still cases where the results we get have  issues here and there.


We are working at a possible integration/partnership with mlab. If you want to be a volunteer in testing that please contact me in private, I could setup your agent using mlab instead of our new speed test.  But please not this is still not officially released by us. 

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