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Cisco SG-300 switches not seen in device list

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I have several Cisco SG-300 switches on my network and the Domotz app does not seem to find them on the network.  It recognizes a small Netgear managed switch, however, it will not find the Cisco switches.  I can remote into them via HTTPS on my local LAN, however, I am not able to see them in the app.  Is there a setting I am missing somewhere or is there a way to add these switches manually to the device list in Domotz?


Thank you

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I have a sg300 and it see's mine just fine..


Nothing special to do.. Going to need more info to try and help you figure out what is wrong.

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Thanks jonpoz


Nothing special I have done - installed the Domotz app and it immediately started working.  I have a number of devices on my network, so I have not checked to see if anything else is missing.  I was particularly interested in the port assignments in the switches in the Domotz software, so I looked through the device list, but could not find my data switches.  The Domotz device is plugged into the same data switch as the PC use to connect to the data switch, so connectivity is verified.  The switch responds to ICMP and internal remote management traffic.


Wondering if there is a way to issue a rediscovery on the Domotz device or possibly manually add the device?

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you need to enable SNMP for port mapping and the like to work

discovery is another issue, check default gateway and subnet switch if set to if static

try running fing if it finds the switches email support

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