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DSM 6.0


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To be brutally honest, we haven't tried it yet. It should work but it would be great if you gave us feedback if you do decide to upgrade. We have it in the todo list but haven't gotten around yet although it shoudln't be long. 

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I finally upgraded my Synology DS412+ to the beta version of DSM 6.0, so far everything seems to be running fine and the only issue I see now is when clicking on the Domotz icon from the disk station manager it is trying to go to the wrong webpage and port, here is where it is trying to go https://X.X.X.X:5001/3rdparty/domotz/index.html  where before he upgrade it went to http://X.X.X.X:3000/agent.html#/agentinfo I am not sure if this matter as my Domotz client is still working and no need to configure it again. I am able to access the old page using the right port of 3000

So I think its safe for those living on the cutting edge to upgrade...

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Jamminred, thanks for your feedback about the DSM 6.0: happy to hear that everything is working smooth. 

With regard to the link of the icon: thanks for pointing that out. It's not strictly related to DSM 6.0, and we will fix in upcoming versions of the package. It works fine as far as the Synology is only configured on port 5000 (http), but wrongly forward to port 3000 on https when Synology is configured on 5001 (https).

Anyway, as you noticed, you can still directly access to the right address (http://X.X.X.X:3000) or follow the link you find under Package Center --> Domotz App (instead of the Icon link on the Dashboard).

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