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Does the port have to be setup in Tagged mode or Access Mode ? my IT is telling me that it can't be both and help on we browser interface implies that both are needed. 

I don't understand why is this necessary ? there is routing enabled between subnets I shouldn't need any

additional confusing switch configs.

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Hey Arek,


On your switch you'll need to configure the port that domotz connects to as a Trunk port type.

Then you'll have to Tagged all the vlans on that port that you want Domotz to monitor.


Domotz won't monitor other vlans/subnets over a routed network.

The reason for this is because it uses arp and other scans that are not all things that would pass over TCP routes.


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On 7/14/2017 at 6:15 PM, eti said:

yes remotely connect to the box via the domotz web or mobile app

connect to port 3000

select network and add the vlans, works great


Did Domotz remove this feature. I don't have any ability to edit my networks from the Web GUI.

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On 11/29/2018 at 8:49 AM, Guest Jason said:


Did Domotz remove this feature. I don't have any ability to edit my networks from the Web GUI.


The feature has not been removed, but it is available only on the Domotz Box (whether it is a Luxul, Trendnet, Krika, Blackwire branded one).


If you have a Domotz Box and the feature is not available, please contact support@domotz.com

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15 hours ago, NetTech said:

Why can't this be done on Raspberry PI?


You can still configure multiple VLANs on the Raspberry Pi. See the guide here. The Domotz Agent running on the Pi will simply get all the network interfaces configured, and scan them (including the configured VLANs).


However, we cannot provide the web interface to configure the multiple VLANs on third-party hardware (including the Raspberry Pi). This is because that "configuration" is a low-level one (it creates virtual interfaces on the network stack). We don't own the network stack on the Raspberry Pi, and we can't access to that through the Web Interface.


On the other hand, we provide an easy of use Web Interface for that configuration on the Domotz Box, because we own the network stack in that case. 


I hope this helps clarifying the limitation.

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We're having an issue adding a VLAN interface to the Ubuntu VM. Our switch port configured for trunk mode with the desire VLAN ID as tagged. When we attempt to add, we get a message that says "Something Went Wrong"  We've tried various VLAN ID's and both "general and trunk" VLAN modes


We have four VLAN's we need to monitor. 

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