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notification of address change

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I second this, and I will explain why...


I had an IP camera that kept resetting itself to factory configuration - therefore losing its assigned (static, fixed) IP address and disappearing from the recording software.


However, it did gain a DHCP address so Domotz didn't see this as a device failure - even though something clearly wrong.


Now I bought and installed a new camera, and the same thing has happened, so I am wondering if a faulty POE switch is glitching it. It would be so helpful if Domotz reported this.

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This feature would be extremely helpful for me as well. I'm in the same boat as guiri where I need to keep track of devices that may glitch from time to time and revert to an older IP or factory default IP.

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Hi guys,


Thanks for the suggestions, I've added that to our Feature Request list, in the meantime, a good approach for this kind of issue should be to configure the static address directly into the DHCP server, it will not be possible to know when they had problems but it will force them to stay always at the same IP address.


Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support Team

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This was an old Post. I just want to make sure everybody in this thread is aware that since beginning of 2018, it is possible to configure alerts on the Devices when they change IP Address. The Agent should be configured with the Advanced Plan.

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