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I'd like to see the WebUI have all of the same features as the App(s).

I use multiple devices on multiple OSes. Usually I prefer to use a single interface via the Web, instead of having an app for Android and an app for iOS. I understand that I would lose mobile/push notifications without the app installed. However, with email on my phone, I would still be getting near-instant updates when a device status changes. Also, setting up my own sendmail client for these notifications would be a plus as well. Possibly text updates instead of emails?

What does the community think?

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The Agent requires an internet connection, so what you want isn't really going to work.

The web based UI will be running on our servers, rather than the Agent itself, as it'll not just another UI, it'll be the account management interface as well. This wouldn't be possible to do if it was an Agent only UI, even though this would be much preferred in some scenarios.

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