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Domotz vs Fing Box


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I'm trying to determine which is a better fit for my needs.  What would be great is to see a side by side comparison of features between the two.  Is there a place this exists?  I'm still trying to determine whether the fing box has a WebUI, which I don't believe it does, but in general I'd like a comparison of all features to see which will best suit me.  Maybe someone out here can help clear that up for me :) Thanks!

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You're not the only one trying to determine that.


Comparing the specs of Fingbox with the current capabilities of Domotz Pro (QNAP Agent) Fing appears to me more feature rich and capable than Domotz Pro, but without the monthly fees, which has me wondering about the market positioning of the two. From my experience and from what info I was able to gather, Fing now seems to be positioned quite a few notches  above Domotz Pro, effectively reversing Domotz' marketing approach for the two products, which actually has me quite a bit confused. 


Any information from the company would really be greatly appreciated to help us determine with which product to continue, especially considering recent changes for Domotz Pro (discontinuation of direct sales of Domotz Box and Domotz branded Raspberry Pi).


It would certainly be appreciated if a company that has great concepts and products were a little more forthcoming with information, particularly to existing Domotz Pro customers.

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Domotz Pro and Fingbox have completely different business purposes. Domotz Pro is a professional tool that allows professionals and companies to provide remote support, monitoring and assistance to their customers and sites.


Fingbox is really a consumer product more designed for DIY users, or people that intend to monitor their own homes. 


Domotz Pro has much more business/professional features (e.g. team management, integration with a l lot of specific hardwares, PDU support, automated switch/network mapping, remote connect features, snmp monitoring, customer management features, support for specific control systems,...). Domotz is also partnering with a lot of manufacturer to enable specific features and service.


Fing does not have above those features, but put more emphasis on features like blocking devices, detecting devices around your home, understand bandwidth hogs....


There are very few features of Fingbox not available in Domotz, but they will be definitely incorporated when relevant for business cases.


In any case both are great tools! So no matter of competition. One or the other can be better simply depending on what you need.



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But just to be clear - Fing is now owned by Domotz correct?  That appears to be the case but the Domotz web site doesn't have much info to indicate this - nor does the Fing website mention anything about this other than a new story called "Fing and Domotz have joined forces".  So the Fingbox is a product put out by Domotz?  I just ordered a Fingbox on Amazon and the device says it was sold by Domotz.

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Yes Fing is owned by Domotz, but we have two distinct business operations/marketing.

Please note that we are leveraging each other technologies.

One of the things we are evaluating, is the possibility of running a domotz agent inside the fingbox, so that, in parallel you would be able to run both apps. Typically fingbox/fing more relevant for the owner of the network. Domotz more relevant for administrators, manage services providers. But nothing will prevent the same user running both.... 

Stay tuned, and happy to get your view on this idea.

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