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List different network separately


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I'm wondering if it is possible to separate the device listing for each network/VLAN. Typically, we have a guest VLAN and it's not so important who/what is on it. But of course being able to see what's happening is still good/important.


And if it could be possible to switch alerts off for a specific VLAN/nework would be really nice.




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Unfortunately there is no way right now. 

A workaround could be to use the "Important" or "Favorite" flag/filters for quck filtering.

I would also recommend, from time to time,  to  delete offline devices (if you want to decrease the visual noise of old devices).

Also, for very large network I would evaluate the possibiltiy of splitting vlans across different agents.




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Customizing field names or allowing for an ad-hoc tagging system would allow for more granular sorting. Overall as I've mentioned to Giancarlo, the grouping/filtering to segment devices could be improved for larger networks, which would make the UX more consistent with RMM tools used on the IT side.

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