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Agent not working on QNAP TS-809Pro


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One of the beta testers has signalled a serious issue on QNAP TS-809Pro. The device  discovery does not work properly. Please do not use this model for running the agent until further notice

Our team is working on it!

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Hi Silvio,
same issue on TS-659Pro II
Only device discovered is the NAS.
Also Speedtest gives NA on all items after the tests finished successfully.
Could you give me another license to my account so I can test it on my Rpi please.

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Interestingly, it works on the TS-509 Pro (QTS 4.2.0 20150925) here, which is very similar to the 809 - but as SIlvio stated on on any TS-x59. I'll open a new thread ref. a potential QNAP QTS issue (not directly a Domotz issue).

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If needed I'm the beta tester that reported the issue.

My QNAP is TS-509Pro, but i'm using the FW of the TS-809Pro (QTS 4.2.0 20150925).

Hi L3rd, thanks for your feedback and your availability.

We are continuously improving the software and the support for several different type of NAS. At the moment we are looking at the issue you are experiencing. When we will have a fix for that version, we will provide you with the Domotz Agent Package to test. 



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Not working on the TVS-x71 series.

I thought it might be a possible corruption after the last firmware update with Qnap so I tried to do a uninstall/re-install but don't see the app available in the App Center.  ETA on when it will be back?

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Hi there,


we have submitted a new version to be approved by QNAP market store. But it might take some more day for their team to approve the package


If you write an email to support(at)domotz, specifying the type of QNAP, somebody from the support team might be able to provide you with a direct link to the package for your architecture.


Thanks for your patience,


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