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Domotz Pro box Vs. VM - Missing devices


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I broke down and purchased a Domotz Pro box after having to rebuild my VM because it stopped enumerating everything on my WiFi network, again. This has happened at least 3 times. (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 2 CPU's 1GB of RAM now 1.5GB, ESXi 6.5) (Turns out the WIFI was an unrelated setting in the Ubiquiti's Unify that I'd enabled, which now appears to be fixed, multicast is now enabled again.)


I set up the pro and it responded within maybe 10 minutes after it did its initial installation. I ended up using the Web interface as I couldn't get the Android app to connect. (It may still have been upgrading)


When the box came up It enumerated approximately 40 things on the initial, untagged VLAN 1. I then proceeded to add the 5 additional VLANS, gave them Unique ID's and proper Netmasks. I received an error that the system was unable to add VLAN 30 a couple of times, so I skipped 30 and moved on to 40, when I added 40, 30 suddenly popped up on the screen. I thought this was odd and continued to add the additional VLANS.


I then noticed that 22 devices had stopped responding. They are now all offline and won't come back, yet the VM sees them just fine.


I did a network reset and re-added all of the VLANS. I'm still missing the devices. The missing devices are all over my network, but I do notice that they are all VLAN 1 devices. None of them are the other VLANs.


Screenshot of the two Agents attached. I was hoping could telnet into the device and check the logs but realized that I don't know how, nor should I without "permission" or sound advice.



1) Some devices in VLAN 1 stopped enumerating after I added VLANs

2) Adding VLANs seems to have caused the problem

3) Resetting network configuration did not fix the issue

4) Domotz in a VM, with the same network switch tags, is able to see the missing devices.

5) Hosted in a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, constantly updated, VM that runs Domotz & netdata only.



Is there a way to reset this box and try again? 

Is there a way to review the logs within the device? 

Why does the agents' list, in the customer portal, no longer show the version of Domotz installed? (I have no idea if this box actually updated)

Does anyone else have VM hosted issues? It seems to run out of Virtual Memory, I'm constantly getting warnings about it using VM from ESX. 


Any suggestions are appreciated. Will be happy to provide additional details of my (ridiculous) home network if required.




Domotz Agent List.JPG

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