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VIOLET - Add Addiotional Users


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I've been waiting for these two features specifically before I got serious about Violet, and it appears that they have added them.


1. Multiple Sites Per Customer

2. Multiple Users Per Site


I'm dorking around on Violet to try to figure out how to make these work.


I cannot figure out how to add a new user or how to manage multiple sites.


Any help would be great!!



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Hi Chris,

Multiple site per user has been implemented. You can invite the same person on two-three different agents. S/he will be able to switch from a site to another from the

My Profile --> My location place


Multiple user per site, instead, has not been implemented. Actually Violet is really designed for the home owner with features that s/he only should have (like blocking devices). I understand this might not fit all the cases, but -for the time being- I would suggest in these cases to have a shared account.


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