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Monitor Port Closure


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Hey all, I'm trying to figure out a way to monitor when ports get closed in routers our customers use. We have a service that requires some ports to be open and sometimes people close the ports or just replace their router without telling us, leaving us to only find out later that remote access has been cut off. I know we can monitor the service using Domotz Eyes but I haven't figured out  a way to monitor when a port closures. Most of our customers have SOHO routers with no SNMP capabilities. The same could be applied to an additional hardware firewall put in place. Any port scanning capability or additional hardware we could use with a Domotz box to monitor this?

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3 hours ago, Silvio said:

I think the Domotz Eyes are the best way.

have a look here: https://cdn.domotz.com/wp-content/uploads/Configuring-Domotz-Eyes.pdf



That document is gold! Thanks much for the link. I’ve been trying to get a grasp on SNMP setup and those walk-thru examples help a lot. 


I did try Domotz Eyes to monitor port closer in my office as a test and it didn’t seem to work. My guess was since the Domotz agent is on the LAN and the ports are blocked from the WAN, the agent will always see the service running on those ports (when the TCP service monitor is set to Look at the end device where the service is running). If I set the TCP monitor service to watch the router/firewall, it doesn’t alert anything when I toggle the ports open/close because the service isn’t running on the router/firewall. Am I incorrect in my assumption of why it doesn’t seem to work? 

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Your assumption is correct.  If  your need is to monitor that certain ports are not accessible from the outside, you'll need something that periodically checks from the outside. This is a service that we could definitely implement from our cloud. But sorry it is not there yet.


Hope the document will help you for other monitoring needs.


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