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DS415+ DSM6.1.3-15152 Update5


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Domotz agent is running (de-installed/installed twice) but is not listed in main menu and does not connect to port3000 . (no errors - just hangs but I've explicitly enabled this specific port from all sources in DS Firewall anyway).

I'm trying to access remotely . but already on 21day evaluation countdown.   :(   Back home in a week but confirmation/tips on whether this "agent" does correctly function/connect on this Syno h/w+DSM version would be most useful in the interim.  


Appreciate any/all pointers....  Thks 


Screenshot 2017-09-28 11.09.13.png

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Very sorry about this. Looks like some incompatibilities were introduced recently.


We have fixed this, eand  are finalising the test.

Could you please and try installing this manually:



We have a number of models in our test lab, but not your one. So your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


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