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Alerts for Internet throughput outside norms


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Is there any capability to set alerts on Internet throughput?


Just had the situation where an Internet connection which is normally around 50-60mbps down speed has been running for long periods of time at only 5mbps or slower.

I know the Domotz Agent has the basic speed test and a pretty graph, but is there a way to configure an alert if the bandwidth is outside of expected normal range?


I know this is a little more complex that the ping tests as one would have to define the alert thresholds and the agent would probably need to do some time averaged measurements and make a determination whether the variations are large enough to raise the alert, but this would be very useful for, yeah, basic network monitoring!


After all, if the Internet connection itself is not stable, that's probably the most important thing to be notified about rather than indirectly through complaints about services not working or other devices not responding.


I know a while back there was some mention of adding some AI capabilities in the future - I hope this enhancement (alerts on network throughput problems) is something that can be tackled before such a much larger effort is considered as it is algorithmic and not really neural-net or AI driven (hopefully).

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